Melodrama and heroization: The media in biographical accounts

  • Ana Carolina Escosteguy PUC-RS
Keywords: Media, individual, melodrama, heroization.


The article discusses the production of identities related to media. The individual voice is understood as a principle to develop culture analyses. This position is based on Nick Couldy. The main purpose is to explore an empirical research that uses biographical interviews with women. The result is composed of identitarian narratives that reveal a specific way of being, which is constituted in the act of the storytelling, and yet is crossed by material and cultural factors, amongst which the media itself; these narratives are built through cultural conventions which circulate within the media; amongst those, we stress the presence of melodramatic characteristics and a process of heroization.


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Author Biography

Ana Carolina Escosteguy, PUC-RS
PhD in Communication Sciences in the University of São Paulo, Post-doctorate in Camri (Communication and Media Research Institute), associated with the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the School of Media, Art and Design, University of Westminster (UK). Full professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, acting at graduation (Media and Reception, Communication, Culture, Brazilian Reality Guidance Monograph Project) and postgraduate (Communication and Cultural Studies.
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Escosteguy, A. (2013). Melodrama and heroization: The media in biographical accounts. MATRIZes, 7(2), 143-159.