The biography through a communicational perspective

  • Igor Sacramento UFRJ
Keywords: Communication, biography, epistemology


This paper develops the notion of communicational biography as a possible methodology for the analysis of individual trajectories. This approach considers communication as a set of processes that link the self and the other. I assume that the epistemological problem of communication lies in the fact that to be means to be for another, through another, to himself or herself.


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Author Biography

Igor Sacramento, UFRJ
PhD (2012) and MA (2008) in Communication and Culture at the Escola de Comunicação of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Author of the book After the revolution, the television: leftwing filmmakers in television journalism at 70’s (Pedro & João Editores, 2011). Organized the following collections, including, but not limited to: Rhetoric and Media: Ibero-brazilian studies (with Fernanda Lima Lopes); Mikhail Bakhtin: language, culture and media (with Ana Paula Goulart Ribeiro); and History of Television in Brazil (with Ana Paula Goulart Ribeiro and Marco Roxo). Currently, performs post-doctorate at the same institution with a scholarship from CAPES and a research project entitled “History of Media and Roaming Images”. E-mail:
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