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El Arbi El Bakkali


ABSTRACT: Mohamed Choukri's For Bread Alone is considered the most daring and criticized work of Maghreb literature. Its author had the audacity to unveil all the shocking events that marked his life without having the concern to moderate them, since Morocco of the Eighties was a conservative society with a strong ArabMuslim culture. Indeed, For Bread Alone was censored from its appearance in 1983. Therefore, the authenticity and originality of this book emanate from the comments of the street reported by our author as they are. He says on page 84: "Get out of here! Go away! Cursed be the vagina that gave you birth! “These remarks are part of the register of the bad word and more exactly in the heading of the insults. Thus, our study consists in extracting all the insults of For Bread Alone and then trying to analyze them according to a linguistic approach to highlight their erotic aspects. In short, such a study makes it possible to find empirical answer elements to better grasp the crucial passage from one linguistic dimension to another erotic as to the so-called vulgar and bad sequences of For Bread Alone.


Insult; syntax; prostitution; erotic; semantic; homosexuality

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2316-3976.v6i11p77-87

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