Behavioral and Personality Predictors of Acceptance and Rejection in University

  • Daniel Bartholomeu Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo
  • José Maria Montiel Centro Universitário FIEO
Keywords: sociability, social skills, sociometry, college students


Acceptance and rejection in the group are related to both personality characteristics and social skills and most studies focus on children instead of college students. The objective of this study was to investigate whether acceptance and rejection would be more associated with personality tendencies, specifically socialization or social skills. We collected data from 187 college students attending the Physical Education (67%) and Psychology (32%) courses. The instruments were the sociometric test, the Factorial Scale of Socialization and the Social Skills Inventory. A moderating effect of gender in the relationship between assertiveness and acceptance and rejection to go out on college was observed. Social skills were better predictors of acceptance and social rejection in the university group.


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Bartholomeu, D., & Montiel, J. (2017). Behavioral and Personality Predictors of Acceptance and Rejection in University. Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto), 27(68), 272-280.