Phonological Processing and Reading and Writing Skills in Literacy

  • Gabriela Guarnieri Mendes Universidade de São Paulo
  • Sylvia Domingos Barrera Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: phonological awareness, working memory, reading, handwriting


Studies suggest the influence of phonological processing on literacy, although there is controversy about the cognitive skills underlying this construct. This study investigated the contribution of phonological awareness, phonological memory, rapid naming and visual processing in reading and writing performance of a sample of 50 students of the 3rd grade of an Elementary Public School. The results indicated that phonological awareness and phonological memory are the skills that contributed most to the initial performance in reading and writing. In respect of rapid naming, only the letters naming showed significant correlation with reading and writing and there was no correlation between visual processing and reading or writing. The exploratory factor analysis suggested the grouping of variables in three factors, the first formed by the phonological memory and phonological awareness, the second formed by the rapid naming and the third by the visual processing.


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Mendes, G., & Barrera, S. (2017). Phonological Processing and Reading and Writing Skills in Literacy. Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto), 27(68), 298-305.