Buying a family car: relevant factors for teenagers

  • João Duarte Saleme de Sá FUCAPE Business School
  • Emerson Wagner Mainardes FUCAPE Business School
  • Daniel Modenesi de Andrade FUCAPE Business School


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to find out the relevant factors, according to teenagers, that influence the buying decision of the family car. Design/methodology/approach – Research carried out in three stages: one qualitative research (by using focal groups), and two quantitative research studies (descriptive and cross-sectional). Findings – The authors identified three factors that are important for teenagers when influencing the purchase of the family car: safety, sportiness and comfort. The identification of these factors shows that the millennial generation tends to emphasize aspects of individual interest, such as status and performance, and family context, such as safety and comfort, rather than social aspects, such as the type of fuel and environmental impact. Practical implications – The authors recommend the development of automobiles that prioritize the three factors mentioned herein in order to reverse the trend of declining car purchase. Originality/value – The authors presented the relevant attributes in buying decisions of family cars according to teenagers. The authors also indicated the automobile attributes that are relevant for a more informed, connected, and with an increasing purchase power generation in contrast with previous generations, whose social context was prior to the emergence of social media.


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Sá, J. D., Mainardes, E., & Andrade, D. (2020). Buying a family car: relevant factors for teenagers. REGE Revista De Gestão, 27(1), 21-36.