Considerations, dilemmas and responsibilities related to packaging refuse

  • Sylmara Lopes Francelino Gonçalves-Dias FGV; EAESP; Administração
Keywords: Packaging Design, Life Cycle of Packaging, Plastic Packaging


The disposal of discarded packaging is of growing concern in recent decades. Alternately viewed as containers of products avidly consumed or as an environmental villain, packaging presents important challenges to understanding both the concept and destination after use. A dialog involving package design and life cycle as well as sustainability was promoted to advance understanding of possibilities, challenges and dilemmas of managing final disposition. Plastic packaging was emphasized because of the growing volume of domestic solid waste. Literature reviewed pointed to concepts and practices still under development to systematize and structure the main concepts summarizing also some examples and presenting international and Brazilian legislation. A requirement for more public information, elimination of waste from the beginning of the cycle, development of technologies, shared responsibilities and recycling may be expected but of even greater importance is a change in the life style of consumers.


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Gonçalves-Dias, S. (2006). Considerations, dilemmas and responsibilities related to packaging refuse . REGE Revista De Gestão, 13(spe), 63-75.
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