Psychological contracts in organizations: formulation fundamentals

  • Maria Júlia Carvalho Anbreu FEAD-Minas
  • Georgina Alves Vieira da Silva FEAD-Minas
Keywords: Psychological Contracts, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources


The preparation of a psychological contract at a large Brazilian mining company was described and analyzed. A theoretical review was made of "psychological contracts" including a description and explanation of the phenomenon and its importance. Relationships with intrinsic and extrinsic organizational elements, such as the communications subordinate - chief, were then addressed to facilitate an understanding of behavioral and organizational dynamics. Individual in depth interviews collected data from mechanics and electricians in the maintenance activity of mining equipment in the state of Minas Gerais. A qualitative approach and analysis used the model proposed by Rousseau (1995) to identify 6 characteristics of the presence of a psychological contract in this organization. Conclusions pointed to mutual expectations and an "invisible" pact between the individual and the organization, which is called a psychological contract, correlated with human behavior in the organization.


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Anbreu, M., & Silva, G. (2006). Psychological contracts in organizations: formulation fundamentals . REGE Revista De Gestão, 13(spe), 93-104.
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