Success factors in cause-related marketing projects

  • Maíse Soares Pereira Enfoque de Pesquisa de Marketing
  • José Ednilson de Oliveira Cabral Universidade de Fortaleza
Keywords: CRM, Determinants of Success, Social Responsibility, Companies Socially Rewarded


Corporate social responsibility attempts to align organizational and social objectives. Alignment can be achieved by application of cause-related marketing (CRM) methods. Therefore this article seeks to identify main determinants of success in CRM campaigns. This research was qualitative for an in depth study of three Brazilian companies. Results show that widespread communication, use of marketing mix, synergy between the cause and company business and long term action as well as a strong reputation for social responsibility are mainstays for success in CRM objectives


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Pereira, M., & Cabral, J. (2011). Success factors in cause-related marketing projects . REGE Revista De Gestão, 18(1), 111-127.