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v. 1, n. 4 (1994) A collapse transition for self-attracting walks Resumo   PDF (English)
David C. Brydges, Gordon Slade
v. 6, n. 4 (2005) A generalization of the concept of differentiability Resumo   PDF (English)
José Carlos Simon de Miranda, Luiz Fichmann
v. 2, n. 2 (1995) A Measure Theoretic Erdos-Rado Theorem Resumo   PDF (English)
Zara I. Abud, Francisco Miraglia
v. 2, n. 2 (1995) An Algorithm to Classify 3-Manifolds? Resumo   PDF (English)
Sóstenes L. Lins
v. 6, n. 2/3 (2004) An example of simple Lie superalgebra with several invariant bilinear forms Resumo   PDF (English)
S.E. Konstein
v. 5, n. 2 (2001) An Introduction to Kõthe's Conjecture and Polynomial Rings Resumo   PDF (English)
Miguel Ferrero
v. 4, n. 2 (1999) Anosov flows induced by partially hyperbolic Ʃ geodesic flows Resumo   PDF (English)
H.M.A. Castro, W.M. Oliva
v. 2, n. 2 (1995) An Overview of Domino and Lozenge Tilings Resumo   PDF (English)
Nicolau C. Saldanha, Carlos Tomei
v. 1, n. 2/3 (1994) Applying the Bootstrap: An Example Resumo   PDF (English)
A.C. Davison, D.V. Hinkley
v. 1, n. 4 (1994) A priori bounds for C 2 homeomorphisms of the circle Resumo   PDF (English)
Edson de Faria
v. 2, n. 1 (1995) A Study of the Bogdanov-Takens Bifurcation Resumo   PDF (English)
R. Roussarie, F. Wagener
v. 3, n. 1 (1997) Asymptotic Behavior Near Zeros of Solutions of Elliptic and Parabolic Equations Resumo   PDF (English)
Xu-Yan Chen
v. 3, n. 1 (1997) Attracting Manifolds for Evolutionary Equations Resumo   PDF (English)
Jack K. Hale
v. 3, n. 1 (1997) Auto-Oscillations in Continuous Systems with Impulsive Self-Support Resumo   PDF (English)
A. D. Myshkis
v. 2, n. 2 (1995) Bases for the Matching Lattice of Matching Covered Graphs Resumo   PDF (English)
Claudio L. Lucchesi, Marcelo H. Carvalho
v. 2, n. 1 (1995) BAYESIAN HYPOTHESIS TEST: Using Surface Integrals to Distribute Prior Information Among the Hypotheses Resumo   PDF (English)
Telba Zalkind Irony, Carlos Alberto de de Bragança Pereira
v. 4, n. 4 (2000) Bayesian time-varying autoregressions: Theory, methods and applications Resumo   PDF (English)
Raquel Prado, Gabriel Huerta, Mike West
v. 1, n. 4 (1994) Bifurcations in Discretized Reaction-Diffusion Equations Resumo   PDF (English)
Carlos Rocha
v. 1, n. 4 (1994) Billiards and Conditionally Invariant Probabilities Resumo   PDF (English)
Artur Lopes, Roberto Markarian
v. 6, n. 2/3 (2004) Borel subalgebras of gl(oo) Resumo   PDF (English)
Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Penkov
v. 1, n. 2/3 (1994) Chaos Expansions: A Review Resumo   PDF (English)
Victor Pérez-Abreu
v. 2, n. 1 (1995) Closed Submodules of Centred Bimodules over Prime Rings, and Applications Resumo   PDF (English)
Miguel Ferrero
v. 1, n. 2/3 (1994) Comparative Aspects of the Analysis of Stationary Time Series, Point Processes and Hybrids Resumo   PDF (English)
David R. Brillinger
v. 1, n. 4 (1994) Coupled Oscillators on a Circle Resumo   PDF (English)
Jack K. Hale
v. 4, n. 3 (2000) Deformation Quantization and Poisson Geometry Resumo   PDF (English)
Rui Loja Fernandes
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