Academic Global Health

  • Antoine Flahault University of Descartes, Sorbonne
Palavras-chave: Global health, Globalisation, Academic global, Medicine.


Health globally faces a variety of challenges and barriers that need to be tackled. Global Health is a new discipline which considers (i) health of people in all nations worldwide as a consequence of globalisation (horizontal issues) and (ii) the complex influences of social determinants of health as comparable for all people (vertical issues). Academic global health approach recognises that interdependencies are increasingly relevant, while territorial boundaries become increasingly irrelevant, and that to understand both health challenges and needed solutions, the complexity of globalisation influences that transcend, or are oblivious to, territorial boundaries are beyond the capacity of individual nation states’ domestic institutions to address[...]


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Antoine Flahault, University of Descartes, Sorbonne
MD, PhD, Professor, Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Centre Virchow-Villermé, University of Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité, France.
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Flahault, A. (2016). Academic Global Health. Revista De Medicina, 95(spe3), 36-38.