Analysis about health promotion teaching

challenges in interprofessional education for the health professions


Introduction, justifying the rational of the research. Teaching health promotion (HP) to health professionals is essential for the comprehensive care of the health-disease process in individuals and collectivities. It is argued that the Universities beyond further support with the educational aid, could promote the health of their students.
Objective. To explore the teaching of different health courses at a brazilian university and to reflect on teaching as a possibility for undergraduate students promote their own health.
Methodology. Preliminary exploratory qualitative study structured from the documental analysis of the pedagogical political project (PPP) and the courses of eight disciplines of a brazilian university.
Results. Health promotion appears heterogeneously in the eight pedagogical political projects. The courses approaches the subject from the perspective of the national health system and/or primary care takes place between the second and the fourth semester of disciplines for the possibility of interprofissional education.
Discussion and conclusion of the results. Health promotion teaching opens possibilities for articulation between the courses, according to international recommendations on HP, and invites to extrapolating from teaching to personal care.


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Chagas, K., Gonçalves, J., Saraiva, G., Lisboa, G., & Germani, A. C. (2019). Analysis about health promotion teaching. Revista De Medicina, 98(Suppl), 23-23.
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