Focus and Scope

The Journal of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology has been published since 1991, replacing the previous Dédalo Review and the Journal of Prehistory. Its goal is to promote the dissemination of scientific research of excellence in the areas of Archaeology, Ethnology and Museology. The publication is semiannual, following the review system by peers and holds a public access policy with open full content, with streaming in receiving articles. It publishes original texts in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian in the following ways: articles that present the results of original scientific research, the development of methodology, or bibliographical or theoretical extensive reviews on the topics covered by the journal, unpublished book, theses, dissertations and other productions reviews that have academic relevance, notes to preliminary and partial results of original or in development research, interviews with renowned professionals in the areas of Archeology, Ethnology and Museology. In order to ensure speed to the display of content, approved articles and notes will be published in ahead of print until the number is complete. 

Title of Sections:

Articles, Reviews, Notes, Interviews, Editorial, Presentation, Memorial 

Abbreviations of the sections: