Technical study on prehistoric ceramic of Brazil.

  • Márcia Angelina Alves Universidade de São Paulo. Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia
Keywords: Ceramic sets - Ceramic paste - Microscopic lamina - Burning temperature indices - X-Ray diffractograms - Coloring minerals - Micrographies.


This paper presents data resulting from the experimental part of the PhD thesis Análise cerâmica: estudo tecnotipológico, (Department of Anthropology, University of São Paulo, August 1988). Its subject matters are the study of ceramic paste, the burning temperature indices inference and the detection of coloring minerals present in the four ceramic sets originating from the two archaeological sites situated in the State of São Paulo ("Franco de Godoy" and "de Lagoa São Paulo") and two located in the State of Minas Gerais ("Prado" and "Silva Serrote"). The petrographic microscopy analysis of transmitted light, X Ray diffractometry analysis and scanning electronic microscopy and microanalysis techniques were employed in this Study.


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Alves, M. (1994). Technical study on prehistoric ceramic of Brazil. Revista Do Museu De Arqueologia E Etnologia, (4), 39-70.