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Cytomegalovirus in colorectal cancer and idiopathic ulcerative colitis

Viviane Casagrande Mariguela, Silvana Gama Florêncio Chacha, Aldo de Albuquerque Cunha, Luiz Ernesto de Almeida Troncon, Sérgio Zucoloto, Luiz Tadeu Moraes Figueiredo


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a genus in the family Herpesviridae that has been associated with gastrointestinal syndromes. In this work we looked for a possible association of CMV infection with colorectal cancer and ulcerative colitis (UC). Blood and enteric tissue samples of 14 patients with colorectal cancer and of 21 with UC were subjected to a nested-PCR that amplifies part of the gB gene of CMV and also to immunohistochemistry using a specific monoclonal antibody to IE 76kDa protein of CMV. CMV was detected by nested-PCR in the blood and/or the enteric tissue of nine (64.3%) colorectal cancer and 16 (76.2%) ulcerative colitis patients. In the immunohistochemistry it was observed that 12 (12/21, 57.1%) positive enteric tissue samples of patients with UC and none from patients with colorectal cancer (0/14) were positive to CMV. The positivity of CMV infections in the UC patient group (12/21, 57.1%) showed by both techniques, was significantly higher (p = 0.015) than that observed for colorectal cancer patients (2/14, 14.3%). These results suggest an association of ulcerative colitis with CMV infection of the enteric tissue.


Cytomegalovirus;Colorectal cancer;Ulcerative colitis;Polymerase chain reaction;Immunohistochemistry

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