Soils and agriculture in central-west and north Brazil

  • Stanley W. Buol North Carolina State University; Soil Science Department
Keywords: Cerrado soils, Brazilian Amazon, Latossolos, Oxisols, Ultisols


Modern soil science, spearheaded by research in Brazil has facilitated the utilization of vast areas of previously uncultivated soil long considered unsuitable for human food production into highly productive agricultural land. Naturally acid soils with high contents of aluminum and iron oxides and low CEC values and organic matter contents long considered insurmountable obstacles to crop production in tropical latitudes could be extremely productive. With continued development of the infrastructure needed by commercial agriculture Brazil has the potential to lead the world in its quest to provide food for growing human populations.


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Buol, S. (2009). Soils and agriculture in central-west and north Brazil . Scientia Agricola, 66(5), 697-707.
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