Contemporary capitalism in crisis and its political form

underfunding and managerialism in Brazilian public health

  • Aquilas Mendes Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública. Departamento de Política, Gestão e Saúde. São Paulo
  • Leonardo Carnut Universidade Federal de São Paulo
Keywords: Capitalism, Crisis, State, Financing Government, Managerialism, Brazilian National Health System


The article aims at analyzing the underfunding of health in Brazil and the expansion of market management mechanisms within the public health policy in the context of contemporary capitalism under the dominance of interest-bearing capital, its crisis and its political form specified in the State. The first part analyzes the capitalism crisis in a theoretical Marxist perspective, emphasizing the tendency of decreasing rate of profit and the expansion of the dominance of interest-bearing capital at the center of economic and social relations. The second part shows the specific political form of capitalism, in which the State constitutes the essential element of the capitalist relations of production, contributing to the understanding of the profile of the Brazilian state in the contemporary world. The third part deals with the effects of the capitalism crisis on the health underfunding matter, while the last part discusses the phenomenon of private appropriation of public health policies through managerialism, focusing on the adoption of management tools within the direct public administration based on the logic of performance.


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Mendes, A., & Carnut, L. (2019). Contemporary capitalism in crisis and its political form. Saúde E Sociedade, 27(4), 1105-1119.