Encounters with the difference at health education

youth, sexualities, and genders at school

  • Cristiane Gonçalves da Silva Universidade Federal de São Paulo. Instituto de Saúde e Sociedade. Departamento de Políticas Públicas e Saúde Coletiva
  • Patrícia Leme de Oliveira Borba Universidade Federal de São Paulo. Instituto de Saúde e Sociedade. Departamento de Saúde, Educação e Sociedade
Keywords: Youths, Sexuality, Genders, School, Socials Makers of Difference


This article discusses how gender and sexuality are understood by high school youth, based on the reflections arising from the experience in a university extension project named ‘Youth and Funk in Baixada Santista: territories, networks, health and education,’ which was developed in partnership with two public schools of Santos. The main strategy of the project are the ‘Difference Workshops,’ which are based on the theory-practice binomial in the interdisciplinary training of Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy and Physical Education undergraduate students, and on the notion of socials markers of difference. Furthermore, such workshops are designed as encounters that should start reflections or dialogued on the multiplicity of youthful experiences – the recognition of young people as social subjects, the way they see the exercise of sexuality, gender expressions, lifestyles, and worldviews. Such method proved to be methodologically powerful both in actions with young people and in training future professionals who are committed with the promotion of an egalitarian sociability and respect to the constitutive differences of subjects.


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Silva, C., & Borba, P. (2019). Encounters with the difference at health education. Saúde E Sociedade, 27(4), 1134-1146. https://doi.org/10.1590/s0104-12902018170274