Redesigning pathways towards the expanded oral health clinic

  • Graciela Soares Fonsêca Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul
  • Fabiana Schneider Pires Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Faculdade de Odontologia. Departamento de Odontologia Preventiva e Social
  • Simone Rennó Junqueira Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Odontologia. Departamento de Odontologia Social
  • Carolina Rogel de Souza Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Departamento de Fonoaudiologia. Florianópolis
  • Carlos Botazzo Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública. Departamento de Política, Gestão e Saúde
Keywords: Primary Health Care, User, Reception, Oral Health, Innovation


This article aims at analyzing the experience of an Expanded Oral Health Clinic in a Basic Health Unit (BHU) in the city of São Paulo. This study has a qualitative approach, of the research-action type, in which dental surgeons and trainees experienced an Expanded Clinic of oral health, recording their practices in research diaries and devising singularized therapeutic projects together with patients. We analyzed 03 research diaries and 52 therapeutic projects produced from 2014 to 2015. The material was processed through thematic content analysis, with the following categories: dental procedures in the Primary Health Care; reference and counter-reference; work division; anamnesis, and user satisfaction. Our analysis indicated that new work processes stimulate patients to expose their health demands, and that therapeutic projects are imperative for the production of care, thus generating satisfaction and solvability. The difficulties of a subjectcentered clinic were: little support from the specialized network, lack of auxiliary personnel, non-access to a single health records, and difficulty in re-signifying narratives to go beyond the oral cavity findings. Further studies, related to new oral health practices in other realities, are essential.


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Fonsêca, G., Pires, F., Junqueira, S., Souza, C., & Botazzo, C. (2019). Redesigning pathways towards the expanded oral health clinic. Saúde E Sociedade, 27(4), 1174-1185.