Voice and work: a study of determinants of changes through teachers’ discourse

  • Mariana P. Biserra Prefeitura do Município de Mogi das Cruzes-SP; Secretaria da Educação
  • Susana P. P. Giannini PUC-SP; Divisão de Educação e Reabilitação dos Distúrbios da Comunicação
  • Renata Paparelli PUC-SP; Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e da Saúde
  • Leslie P. Ferreira PUC-SP; Departamento de Fundamentos da Fonoaudiologia e da Fisioterapia


This study aims to analyze, by means of manifestation of worsening or improvement in work ability, the aspects conditioning changes in the relation between work and voice, according to the discourse of teachers working at the municipal education network of São Paulo, Brazil. The participants were female teachers who, when comparing with a previous research, had greater difference both in terms of worsening (Group A) and improvement (Group B) in the results of the Work Ability Index. They were invited to discuss which aspects could explain the improvement or worsening in these results, in a focus group context. The reports were transcribed and qualitatively analyzed, according to the recurrence of utterances. We found out that group A showed a worse health status and it had a greater need to talk about difficulties at work. Group B showed more strength to face problems related to work, including creative proposals. In favor of Group B, better work relationships were also registered concerning social support and autonomy.


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Biserra, M., Giannini, S., Paparelli, R., & Ferreira, L. (2014). Voice and work: a study of determinants of changes through teachers’ discourse . Saúde E Sociedade, 23(3), 966-978. https://doi.org/10.1590/S0104-12902014000300019