What Shall I Wear, Darling, to The Great Hunger?


  • Paul Durcan
  • Maria Yolanda Fernández-Suárez



Author Biography

Maria Yolanda Fernández-Suárez

Maria Yolanda Fernández-Suárez is an independent scholar and a member of AEDEI (Spanish Association for Irish Studies). She teaches EFL at the Official Language School in León. She holds a BA in Classical Languages from the University of Salamanca and in English from the University of León. In 2006, under the supervision of Professor Inés Praga Terente, she promoted with honours with a PhD dissertation on the history of Irish hedge schools at the University of Burgos. Her research interests are education, hedge schools and Brian Friel’s plays in Spain. She has translated and edited Traducciones by Brian Friel (Madrid: ADE, 2016) for which she was awarded the 2016 “María Martínez Sierra” Prize of Theatre Translation.




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Durcan, P., & Fernández-Suárez, M. Y. (2020). What Shall I Wear, Darling, to The Great Hunger?. ABEI Journal: The Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies, 22(2), 58-59. https://doi.org/10.37389/abei.v22i2.180808