Gestalt contact styles in OCD patients: a controlled study




Obsessive-compulsive disorder, gestalt theory, contact styles


Background: Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a challenging disease in terms of remission rates and treatment approaches. All theoretical approaches are needed for a better understanding. Compared to other theories, it has not been examined sufficiently from the perspective of gestalt theory in the literature. Objective: To examine and compare the Gestalt Contact Styles of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the Control Group and to examine the relationship between Gestalt Contact Styles and OCD symptoms. Methods: 50 OCD patients were compared with the healthy control group. All patients were evaluated with the Yale Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS), the Padua Inventory (PI), and the Gestalt Contact Styles Scale-Revised Form (GCSS-RF). For the control group, GCSS-RF was applied. Results: The scores of the OCD patients for GCSS-RF “Retroflection” and “Deflection” subscales were significantly higher than the Control Group. Statistically significant high scores were found between the subscales of Padua Inventory “contamination obsessions and washing compulsions”, “obsessional thoughts”, “obsessional impulses” and “checking compulsions” subtypes and Gestalt contact styles in the Patient Group in a symptomatological examined manner. With these findings, in terms of Gestalt Contact Styles, it is seen that the difference between Patient and Control Groups is significantly different. There was no significant relationship between the Yale-Brown total score of the Patient Group and the GCSS-RF subscales. Discussion: In conclusion, the findings of the study showed significant differences in terms of Gestalt Contact Styles (Retroflection, Contact, Deflection, Desensitization, Confluence) in Patient and Control Groups and OCD symptoms. These results are important to Gestalt Therapists in terms of shedding light on the therapeutic intervention to be done for an OCD patient and contributing to the literature.


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Ünübol, H., & Topaloğlu, M. (2020). Gestalt contact styles in OCD patients: a controlled study. Archives of Clinical Psychiatry, 47(1), 1-6.



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