Studies of Mydidae (Diptera) systematics and evolution: III. The genus Messiasia d'Andretta in the Americas (Mydinae)


  • J. Wilcox
  • N. Papavero Universidade de São Paulo; Museu de Zoologia



Messiasia d'Andretta occurs exclusively in the Americas, ranging from the south­western United States to Uruguay and northern Argentina; it is found both in forests and in open formations. Species considered as valid in this revision are: 1. californica (Cole, 1970; s.w. USA, n. Mexico); 2. carioca, sp. n. (= decor Osten Sacken of d'Andretta, 1951, misident.; Brazil: Guanabara); 3. carrerai d'Andretta, 1951 (Brazil: Santa Catarina); 4. dalcyana d'Andretta, 1951 (Brazil: Guanabara and Rio de Janeiro); 5. decor (Osten Sacken, 1886; Costa Rica, Panama); 6. lanei d'Andretta, 1951 (coastal Peru and Ecuador); 7. mocoronga, sp. n. (polita Wiedemann of d'Andretta, 1951, misident.; Brazil: Pará;? Bolivia); 8. notospila (Wiedemann, 1828; = cingulatus Williston, 1898; s. Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, n. Argentina); 9. painteri, sp. n. (Mexico: Guerrero and Morelos); 10. penai, sp. n. (Peru); 11. perpolita (Johnson, 1933; = polita Wiedemann of d'Andretta, 1951, part, misident.; s. Mexico); 12. pertenuis (Johnson, 1926; USA: Arizona; Mexico: Sonora); 13. testaceiventris (Macquart, 1850; = puniceus Séguy, 1928; Uruguay, Argentina); 14. uaupes, sp. n. (= zikani d'Andretta, 1951, part, misident.; Brasil: Amazonas); 15. virgata (Wiedemann, 1830; = sarpedon Séguy, 1928c; Brazil: Amazonia); 16. yacochuya, sp. n. (Argentina: Salta); 17. zikani d'Andretta, 1951 (Brazil: Mato Grosso; Paraguay). A key to the species, descriptions, a speculative history of the evolution, data on ecology, biology, and distribution, are given.


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Wilcox, J., & Papavero, N. (1975). Studies of Mydidae (Diptera) systematics and evolution: III. The genus Messiasia d’Andretta in the Americas (Mydinae) . Arquivos De Zoologia, 26(1), 1-48.



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