Notas sobre Simúlidos Neotropicales VII: Sobre los subgéneros Psaroniocompsa Enderlein y Inaequalium, subgen. Nov.


  • Sixto Coscarón Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo; Centro de Estudios Parasitológicos y de Vectores
  • Pedro Wygodzinsky American Museum of Natural History



Two very similar sub genera, Psaroniocompsa Enderlein and Inaequalium, subgen. n., of neotropical black flies of the genus Simulium, characteristic of the Brazilian coastal range, occur from Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and the Guianas in the north and Paraguay/Uruguay and northern and central Argentina in the south. These subgenera and the species included are described or redescribed and keyed; many new locality records are given. Simulium (Psaroniocompsa) Enderlein includes: S. aequifurcatum Lutz, S. angrense Pinto, S. auripellitum Enderlein, S. bonaerense n. sp., S. incrustatum Lutz, S. jujuyense Paterson and Shannon, S. anamariae Vulcano, S. auristriatum Lutz, S. brevifurcatum Lutz and S. schmidtmummi Wygodzinsky. Simulium catarinense Pinto, S. guttatum Enderlein, S. fuliginis Field and S. limbatum Knab are included in this subgenus but not discussed because of insufficient characters. We synonymized Simulium machadoi Ramírez Pérez and S. merouca Nunes, Barbosa and Dellome = S. aequifurcatum Lutz; S. opalinifrons Enderlein is considered a synonym of S. incrustatum Lutz. Simulium (Inaequalium) is a new subgenus that includes S. inaequale (Paterson and Shannon), S. beaupertuyi Ramirez, Rassi and Ramirez, S. clavibranchium Lutz, S. subclavibranchium Lutz, S. subnigrum Lutz, S. diversibranchium Lutz, S. mariavulcanoae n. sp., and S. travassosi d' Andretta and d'Andretta. S. bahiense Pinto and S. pseudoexiguum Nunes and Barbosa belong to this subgenus, but they are not discussed because the preimaginal stages are unknown. In this subgenus we synomymize the following species: Simulium diversifurcatum Lutz and S. mbarigui Coscarón and Wygodzinsky = S. subnigrum Lutz; Simulium missionum Coscaron = S. diversibranchium Lutz; Trichodagmia manicata Enderlein and Simulium jundiaiense C. d'Andretta and Gonzáles = S. inaequale (Paterson and Shannon). A subdivision of each subgenus into two species groups and a tentative cladogram are included


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