Asociaciones palinologicas de las formaciones colon y molino Nor-Oriente colombiano


  • Hernando Dueñas Jimenez BIOSS Ltda



The palynological associations of samples from the upper parts of the Colón Formation (Catatumbo Basin) and the Molino Formation (Cesar Basin) are described here. These associations are characterized by the following principal elements: Buttinia andreevi, Proteacidites dehaani, Spinizonocolpites baculatus, Spinizonocolpites echinatus, Echitriporites trianguliformis and Araucariacites sp., along with Palaeocystodinium sp., Ceratiopsis sp. and Dinogymnium acuminatum amongst other palynomorphs. These palynological associatons enable one to date the top of the Colón and Molino Formations as Maastrichtian (Zone: Proteacidites dehaani/Palaeocystodinium sp.). The Molino and Colón Formations can be correlated palynologically with the Umir Formation in the Middle Valley of Magdalena and with the Guaduas Formation (lower part) of the Upper Valley of the Magdalena Basin.