The effect of n- 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on immune and reproductive parameters in dairy cows:

a review




Bovine, Immune response, Linolenic acid, Reproductive efficiency


In dairy cattle, supplementation with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) is considered to be an important tool to decrease the negative energy balance of periparturient dairy cows and improve the reproductive and immune systems. The most common PUFAs added to ruminant diets are omega 3 (n-3 PUFA) as linolenic acid and omega 6 (n-6 PUFA) as linoleic acid. This paper aims to review the potential effects of n-3 PUFA. We consider the effects of n-3 PUFA on the bovine immune system, especially on immune cells, and on in vivo and in vitro reproductive parameters, emphasizing how n-3 PUFAs act as modulators through one or more molecular mechanisms. The incorporation of n-3 PUFA in the dairy cow diet has positive effects on animal fertility and immunity. Future research on n-3 PUFA should be more explored concerning reproduction and immune function, starting from the investigation of basic biology to their potential for application in the clinical and preventive medicine fields.


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