Continuous peritoneal lavage with vacuum peritoneostomy: an experimental study




Peritonitis, Open Abdomen, Laparostomy, Peritoneal Lavage, Vacuum-Assisted Closure, Abdominal Sepsis


OBJECTIVE: Despite advances in diffuse peritonitis treatment protocols, some cases develop unfavorably. With the advent of vacuum therapy, the use of laparostomy to treat peritonitis has gained traction. Another treatment modality is continuous peritoneal lavage. However, maintaining this technique is difficult and has been associated with controversial results. We propose a new model of continuous peritoneal lavage that takes advantage of the features and benefits of vacuum laparostomy. METHOD: Pigs (Landrace and Large White) under general anesthesia were submitted to laparostomy through which a multiperforated tube was placed along each flank and exteriorized in the left and lower right quadrants. A vacuum dressing was applied, and intermittent negative pressure was maintained. Peritoneal dialysis solution (PDS) was then infused through the tubes for 36 hours. The stability of peritoneostomy with intermittent infusion of fluids, the system resistance to obstruction and leakage, water balance, hemodynamic and biochemical parameters were evaluated. Fluid disposition in the abdominal cavity was analyzed through CT. RESULTS: Even when negative pressure was not applied, the dressing maintained the integrity of the system, and there were no leaks or blockage of the catheters during the procedure. The aspirated volume by vacuum laparostomy was similar to the infused volume (9073.5±1496.35 mL versus 10165±235.73 mL, p=0.25), and there were no major changes in hemodynamic or biochemical analysis. According to CT images, 60 ml/kg PDS was sufficient to occupy all intra-abdominal spaces. CONCLUSION: Continuous peritoneal lavage with negative pressure proved to be technically possible and may be an option in the treatment of diffuse peritonitis.


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Rodrigues, A. C., Saad, K. R., Saad, P. F., Otsuki, D. A., Santos, L. C. dos, Rasslan, S., Montero, E. F. de S., & Utiyama, E. M. (2019). Continuous peritoneal lavage with vacuum peritoneostomy: an experimental study. Clinics, 74, e937.



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