Dengue: 30 years of cases in an endemic area




Dengue, Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopictus, Virus


The present study aimed to review literature on studies of dengue cases conducted over 30 years in the state of Ceara´. Between November 2015 and January 2016, articles published in Portuguese and English in 7 databases were searched using keywords and a Boolean operator. A total of 191 articles were identified in the databases; 133 were excluded according to the exclusion criteria, and 58 were included in the study. Of the 58 articles analyzed, 6 reported data from Brazil; including the Northeast region and the state of Ceara´; 41 reported data for only the city of Fortaleza; 7 reported data for the state of Ceara´; 4 reported data for cities in the interior of the state; and 3 included only children. The studies adopted different approaches and focused on different aspects of the disease. Study outcomes included the identification of serological, epidemiological, clinical, and laboratory characteristics; potential larvicides and biological predators of mosquitoes; potential antiviral agents; vector density characteristics; and educational dengue prevention and control strategies. Additionally, one vaccine trial was included. Although studies on dengue in the state of Ceara´ are scarce, they are encompassing, including several lines of research, and the number of studies and reports on dengue in the state of Ceara´ continues to increase.


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Monteiro, D. C. S., Souza, N. N., Amaral, J. C., Lima, K. B. de, Araújo, F. M. C. de, Ramalho, I. L. C., Martins, V. E. P., Colares, J. K. B., Cavalcanti, L. P. de G., & Lima, D. M. (2019). Dengue: 30 years of cases in an endemic area. Clinics, 74, e675.



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