COVID-19 Diagnostic and Management Protocol for Pediatric Patients




COVID-19, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Infection, Ventilatory Support, Diagnostic Criteria


This review aims to verify the main epidemiologic, clinical, laboratory-related, and therapeutic aspects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in critically ill pediatric patients. An extensive review of the medical literature on COVID-19 was performed, mainly focusing on the critical care of pediatric patients, considering expert opinions and recent reports related to this new disease. Experts from a large Brazilian public university analyzed all recently published material to produce a report aiming to standardize the care of critically ill children and adolescents. The report emphasizes on the clinical presentations of the disease and ventilatory support in pediatric patients with COVID-19. It establishes a flowchart to guide health practitioners on triaging critical cases. COVID-19 is essentially an unknown clinical condition for the majority of pediatric intensive care professionals. Guidelines developed by experts can help all practitioners standardize their attitudes and improve the treatment of COVID-19.


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Carlotti, A. P. de C. P., Carvalho, W. B. de, Johnston, C., Rodriguez, I. S., & Delgado, A. F. (2020). COVID-19 Diagnostic and Management Protocol for Pediatric Patients. Clinics, 75, e1894.



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