Survival prognosis of newborns from an intensive care unit through the SNAP-PE II risk score




Hypothermia, Low Weight, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Newborn, Risk, Assessment, SNAP-PE II


OBJECTIVES: Although child mortality has declined significantly in recent decades, the reduction of neonatal mortality remains a major challenge as neonatal mortality represents 2/3 of the mortality rate in this population. The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of the Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology Perinatal Extension II (SNAP-PE II) score for evaluating the survival prognosis of newborns admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). METHODS: The study design involved an observational cross-sectional retrospective collection, as well as a prospective component. The sample included all newborns admitted to the NICU validated by the SNAP-PE II tool from January 1 to December 31, 2014. RESULTS: A predominance of young mothers (25.4 years), underwent prenatal care (86.2%), however a considerable percentage (49.4%) of mothers received insufficient medical consultation (less than six consults during their pregnancy). A prevalence of male admissions (62.4%) were noted in the NICU. Premature (61.7%) and underweight (weight o2,500 grams) newborns were also prevalent. The SNAP-PE II score showed an association between the infants who were discharged from the neonatal unit and the non-survivors. An increased prevalence of low birth weight and hypothermia was noted in the group of non-survivors. The mean arterial pressure appears to be a significant risk factor in the newborn group that progressed to death. Hypothermia, mean arterial pressure, and birth weight were the most significant variables associated with death. CONCLUSION: The SNAP-PE II was a beneficial indicator of neonatal mortality. The prevention of prematurity and hypothermia by improving maternity care and newborn care can decisively influence neonatal mortality.


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Lima, R. O., Ribeiro, A. P., Juliano, Y., França, C. N., & Souza, P. C. de. (2020). Survival prognosis of newborns from an intensive care unit through the SNAP-PE II risk score. Clinics, 75, e1731.



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