Association of bone mineral density with bone texture attributes extracted using routine magnetic resonance imaging




Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Textural Attribute, Bone Mineral Density


OBJECTIVE: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)-derived bone mineral density (BMD) often fails to predict fragility fractures. Quantitative textural analysis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may potentially yield useful radiomic features to predict fractures. We aimed to investigate the correlation between BMD and texture attributes (TAs) extracted from MRI scans and the interobserver reproducibility of the analysis. METHODS: Forty-nine volunteers underwent lumbar spine 1.5-T MRI and DXA. Three-dimensional (3-D) graylevel co-occurrence matrices were measured from routine sagittal T2 fast spin-echo images using the IBEX software. Twenty-two TAs were extracted from 3-D segmented L3 vertebrae. The estimated concordance coefficient was calculated using linear regression analysis. A Pearson correlation coefficient analysis was performed to evaluate the correlation between BMD and the TAs. Interobserver reproducibility was assessed with the concordance coefficient described by Lin. RESULTS: The results revealed a fair-to-moderate significant correlation between BMD and 13 TAs (r= 0.20 to 0.39; po0.05). Eight TAs (autocorrelation, energy, homogeneity 1, homogeneity 1.1, maximum probability, sum average, sum variance, and inverse difference normalized) negatively correlated with BMD (r= 0.20 to 0.38; po0.05), whereas five TAs (dissimilarity, difference entropy, entropy, sum entropy, and information measure corr 1) positively correlated with BMD (r=0.29–0.39; po0.05). The interobserver agreement was almost perfect for all significant TAs (95% confidence interval, 0.92–1.00; po0.05). CONCLUSION: Specific TAs could be reliably extracted from routine MRI and correlated with BMD. Our results encourage future evaluation of the potential usefulness of quantitative texture measurements from MRI scans for predicting fragility fractures.


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Maciel, J. G., Araújo, I. M. de, Trazzi, L. C., Azevedo-Marques, P. M. de, Salmon, C. E. G., Paula, F. J. A. de, & Nogueira-Barbosa, M. H. (2020). Association of bone mineral density with bone texture attributes extracted using routine magnetic resonance imaging. Clinics, 75, e1766.



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