Sobre a tese de que a bivalência implica o determinismo causal, do estoicismo ao aristotelismo




De interpretatione, Bivalência, Batalha naval, Estoicismo


According to Simplicius’ commentary on Aristotle’s Categories, the Platonic philosopher Claudius Nicostratus (fl. mid-2nd c. A.D.) challenges Aristotle’s claim in the Categories to the effect that statements about future contingents are neither true nor false. I argue that Nicostratus’ charge traces back to Chrysippus’ argument for causal determinism in Cicero’s De Fato and plays a significant role in motivating Ammonius’ and Boethius’ solution to the problem of future contingents.


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Author Biography

Paulo Ferreira, Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Professor Adjunto.


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