Integral Morphological C-K Design Approach for Multidisciplinary Building Design


  • Wim Zeiler
  • Perica Savanovic



This paper presents a theoretical approach to collaborative design management. The goal is to integrate design and engineering knowledge in the conceptual phase of building design. Based on an integral design process model, morphological overviews are used as a tool to implement C-K (concept-knowledge) theory, to increase knowledge creation and to stimulate knowledge exchange within the building design team. The project was carried out in close cooperation with professional societies within the building design field. The set-ups of the workshops used to implement and to test the theoretical approach are presented as well as the experiences of the participants. More than 100 experienced professionals participated in the workshops and the workshops now have become part of the permanent professional training programme of one of the professional societies. DOI: 10.3763/aedm.2008.0099 Published in the Journal AEDM - Volume 5, Number 4, 2009 , pp. 193-214(22)


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Zeiler, W., & Savanovic, P. (2010). Integral Morphological C-K Design Approach for Multidisciplinary Building Design. Gestão & Tecnologia De Projetos, 5(1), 133-133.



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