Steps for the decision making based on the statistical analyses


  • Francisco Winter dos Santos Figueiredo Laboratório de Epidemiologia e Análise de Dados, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André
  • Fernando Adami Laboratório de Epidemiologia e Análise de dados da Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André



Biostatistics, Scientific research, statistical analysis


Most researchers and students in training are uncertain or confused when they need to conclude their research based on results. However, for many reasons, they address their research questions based mainly on p-values. In this article, we present a framework for decision-making, based on statistical analyses, and describe fundamental aspects of rational decisions. Additionally, we discuss several aspects of the obtainment of scientific evidence, for example, how statistical analyses and research questions are related. Finally, we developed a step-by-step framework for decision-making based on statistical analyses. With this article, we intend to contribute to the development of research, and guide researchers and students regarding this important and neglected subject.


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