Sensational managements

attractions and YouTube videos

Keywords: Cinema of attractions, spectacle, YouTube, political manifestations


This article argues in favor of a proximity between the spectatorship and aesthetics of audiovisual production on the web and the experience of cinema of attractions. Based on a particular case study, but that seems symptomatic, we aim to show how the rhetoric found in most YouTube videos makes intense use of performatic image, of the movement of body towards the camera, directly addressing the spectator, and of the aesthetical excess associated with sensationalism. Such elements convey a participative, erratic and fragmentary spectatorship. Such characteristics show the persistency of attractions regimen in such videos, as well the political strenght of a moral management from sensationalist strategies.


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Author Biographies

Mariana Baltar, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Professora do Departamento de Cinema e Vídeo da UFF.

Adil Giovanni Lepri, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Formado em Cinema e Audiovisual pela UFF, mestre em Comunicação e doutorando em Cinema e Audiovisual na mesma instituição, onde desenvolve o projeto "Compartilhamento do Excesso" em que estuda o audiovisual político nos sites de redes sociais. Professor substituto 20h da UFRJ, no curso de Rádio e TV.

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Baltar, M., & Lepri, A. (2019). Sensational managements. MATRIZes, 13(1), 169-189.
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