Being networks: the digital formism of net-activist movements

  • Massimo Di Felice USP/ECA/PPGCOM/ATOPOS
Keywords: Internet activism, digital communication, digital networks, social action, ecology


For the last few years online social movements have spread through several latitudes creating important theoretical challenges for several areas of knowledge, concerning the nature of such actions, given the connective and technological quality of its acts as well as concerning the creation of a new kind of locality, simultaneously informative and material expression of an unprecedented dwelling condition that brings humans together, informative circuits and territorialities. Finally, the necessity that imposes rethinking the composition of human collectives beyond the perspective of modern sociology, since it presents itself as expression of a reticular interactive ecology that is no longer political, that is, anthropomorphic and ideologically oriented.


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Author Biography

PhD in Communication Science at Universidade de São Paulo with a post-doctorate in sociology at Universidade Paris Descartes V, Sorbonne.  Professor at Universidade de São Paulo, teaching graduation  and post-grad at the Escola de Comunicaçoes e Artes (ECA/USP).  Founder of the ATOPOS Research Center (ECA/USP)
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Di Felice, M. (2013). Being networks: the digital formism of net-activist movements. MATRIZes, 7(2), 49-71.