Phospholipid fatty acids from Colombian Caribbean sea sponges


  • Wilson Rodriguez
  • Carmenza Duque
  • Sven Zea
  • Leonardo Castellanos
  • Freddy Ramos
  • Abel M. Forero
  • Oscar Osorno



Marine natural products, Caribbean sea, Fatty acid methyl esters, N-pyrrolidide derivatives


Five demosponges belonging to the order Axinellida: Axinella corrugata, Dragmacidon alvarezae, Dragmacidon reticulatum, Ptilocaulis walpersi, Myrmekioderma rea and one sponge belonging to the order Scopalinida: Scopalina ruetzleri were analyzed to assess their fatty acid composition in the phospholipid fraction. Additionally, the seasonal and intraspecific variation in fatty acids composition was assessed in M. rea and D. alvarezae. Fatty acid identification was conducted using an HRGC-MS with an ECL value of methyl ester derivatives, and analyzing their mass spectra. To confirm double bound location, N-acylpyrrolidide derivatives were used studying their mass spectra. In total, 83 fatty acids were identified with chain lengths ranging from C14 to C32. Interestingly, brominated fatty acids were identified, previously suggested for sponges. Polybranched fatty acids such as 4,8,12-trimethyltridecanoic acid (4,8,12-TMTD) and 3,7,11,15-tetramethylhexadecanoic (phytanic acid) were found, without a clear distribution pattern. A predominance of iso-acids (i-15:0 and i-17:0) on anteiso acids were observed. Some seasonal variations in fatty acid (FA) compositions for M. rea and D. alvarezae were observed. The hierarchical Clusters Analysis (HCA) showed that the FA composition was species-specific but not informative at the family or order level.


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