Validity Evidence of a Scale on Academic Expectations for Higher Education




expectations, higher education, students, scaling


By using structural equation modeling, this study investigated the dimensionality and invariance of the Brazilian scale of Academic Expectations for Higher Education - short version. The sample consisted of 6,913 students from a Brazilian public university. The results showed good adjustment of the proposed solution containing seven factors: Quality of Academic Education, Social and Academic Commitment, Expansion of Interpersonal Relationships, Opportunity for Student Exchange and Internationalization, Perspective of Professional Success, Concern with Self-Image, and Development of Transversal Skills. The results indicate that the scale is invariant with regard to different groups: students who entered university traditionally and those who entered through social programs for minorities, male and female students, and part-time, full-time or non-working students. The scale can support higher education institutions in the development of educational policies, programs and academic services.


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Fleith, D. de S., Almeida, L. S., Marinho-Araujo, C. M., Gomes, C. M. A., Bisinoto, C., & Rabelo, M. L. (2020). Validity Evidence of a Scale on Academic Expectations for Higher Education. Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto), 30, e3010.



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