Indicators of students' and teachers' attitude towards mathematics


  • Paulo Cézar de Faria Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
  • Brigido Vizeu Camargo Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Maria Lucia Faria Moro Universidade Federal do Paraná



student attitudes, teacher attitudes, mathematics, professional education


The study compares the attitude of four sample groups of mathematics students teaching and mathematics teachers towards mathematics. The participants (n=440) were volunteers from public and private schools chosen by convenience. The theoretical model refers to the construct attitude. The instruments used provided qualitative data about participants' reasons for choosing higher education, factors that hinder the teaching of mathematics and reasons they chose to teach mathematics. The person's condition at the end of the teaching program and at the beginning of career coupled to the self-perception of performance indicates that the change of attitude is related to the particularities of a given moment of the student or professional life. Results highlight the importance of using a variety of instruments to obtain indicators of attitudes towards mathematics.


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Faria, P. C. de, Camargo, B. V., & Moro, M. L. F. (2009). Indicators of students’ and teachers’ attitude towards mathematics . Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto), 19(42), 27-37.