Status and distribution of Paraguayan macaws (Aves: Psittacidae) with a new country record

  • Oscar Rodríguez Universidad Americana - Asunción, Paraguay.
  • Leandro Castillo Jardín de los Picaflores - Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.
  • Paul Smith FAUNA Paraguay - Encarnación, Paraguay; Fundación Para La Tierra - Ñeembucú, Paraguay.
  • Hugo del Castillo Asociación Guyra Paraguay - Asunción, Paraguay.
Keywords: Anodorhynchus, Ara, Diopsittaca, Primolius


Eight species of macaw (Psittacidae: Anodorhynchus, Ara, Primolius) have previously been reported from Paraguay. We discuss all verifiable reports of the species from Paraguay and provide comment on their statuses. Ara chloropterus and Primolius auricollis are both widespread species known from multiple reports across a wide geographic area. We report minor range extensions within Paraguay for both species. Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus is documented as a breeding resident with a restricted distribution in the Upper Paraguay River basin. The first modern records of Ara ararauna and the first record of Diopsittaca nobilis for the country are documented with photographs. We are unable to find any confirmed records of Anodorhynchus glaucus from Paraguay and thus consider it of possible occurrence. Two species are rejected as erroneously cited, Ara militaris and Ara glaucogularis. Consequently six species in four genera are now confirmed to occur in Paraguay.


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Author Biographies

Oscar Rodríguez, Universidad Americana - Asunción, Paraguay.

Av. Brasilia 1100, Asunción, Paraguay.

Leandro Castillo, Jardín de los Picaflores - Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.

Bº Villa 14, Fray Luis Beltrán y Belgrano № 150, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.

Paul Smith, FAUNA Paraguay - Encarnación, Paraguay; Fundación Para La Tierra - Ñeembucú, Paraguay.

Centro IDEAL, Mariscal Estigarribia 321 c/ Tte. Capurro, Pilar, Dpto. Ñeembucú, Paraguay.

Hugo del Castillo, Asociación Guyra Paraguay - Asunción, Paraguay.

Av. Cnel. Carlos Bóveda, Parque Ecológico Capital Verde, Viñas Cué. Asunción, Paraguay.


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