A new species of Neapion (Neotropion) Alonso-Zarazaga from Paraguay (Brentidae: Apioninae)





Apionini, Chacoan province, Ixapiini, Neotropical region, Taxonomy


A new species of the genus Neapion Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990 subgenus Neotropion Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990 (Brentidae: Apioninae) is described and illustrated. Neapion (Neotropion) cleidecostae sp. nov. (Type locality: Paraguay, Misiones) is the second Apioninae species from South America with dense, thin vestiture and raised areas on the elytra. In addition to these characters, vestiture color pattern and male genitalic characters such as penis shape, length of the tuning fork-shaped sclerite in the internal sac (the largest found in Apioninae), and shape of the tegminal plate are diagnostic of this new species.


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  • Wesley Oliveira de Sousa, Universidade Federal de Rondonópolis (UFR), Departamento de Biologia - Rondonópolis, MT, Brasil.

    Avenida Governador Júlio José de Campos s/nº, Parque Sagrada Família, CEP 78735‑901, Rondonópolis, MT, Brasil.


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