A remarkable new species of Agoristenidae (Arachnida, Opiliones) from Córdoba, Colombia





Caribbean, Harvestmen, Humid forest, Laniatores, Leiosteninae


A new species of Leiosteninae (Opiliones, Agoristenidae) from the Colombian Caribbean, Avima tuttifrutti sp. nov. García & Pastrana-M., is described and illustrated, based on two males from the montante forests of Tierralta (Córdoba department). The new species differs externally from other species of Avima by having one yellow hump on mesotergal area IV and green coloration on dorsal scutum. SEM images of the penis and a map showing its distribution are offered. This species represents the first record of a harvestman from the department of Córdoba and the eighth species of the subfamily recorded from the country.


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