Two new species and taxonomical and geographical notes on Aegomorphus Haldeman (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)




Acanthoderini, Longhorned beetles, Mexico, Neotropical region, Taxonomy


Acanthoderes crocostigma Bates, 1880 is transferred to Acakyra Martins & Galileo, 1996. Acanthoderes umbrata Bates, 1885 is synonymized with Acanthoderes purulensis Bates, 1885. Variation of the elytral pubescent pattern in Aegomorphus longitarsis (Bates, 1880) is reported, and the species is recorded for the first time from Colombia (Boyacá) and Brazil (Amazonas). The variation of the elytral pubescent pattern in Aegomorphus doctus (Bates, 1880) is reported, and the species is recorded for the first time from the Mexican state of Jalisco. We comment on the type-locality of Aegomorphus borrei (Dugès, 1885). Two new species are described from Mexico (Jalisco): Aegomorphus cunninghami and A. nogueirai.


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