Representación y medio ambiente en la educación básica en México


  • Esperanza Terrón Amigón Universidad Pedagógica Nacional; Unidade Ajusco
  • Édgar González Gaudiano Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León; Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales



Environmental education, social representation, environment, elementary school


Since 1992, educational goals, as part of basic-education reforms, placed a particular emphasis on the need to offer knowledge on environmental education that would allow school children to understand the nature of environmental issues, their negative effects on their surroundings and on human health, as well as to take simple actions so as to contribute to reducing these problems starting from the school and family milieu the children. However, environmental issues and their practical solutions take on different nuances according to the type of social representations subsumed in said understanding, which may have a technical, complex or humanistic affiliation. The findings of the research set forth in this article identify the social representations on the environmental education of basic-education teachers, as well as the senses and meanings that, through them, are emphasized in every-day student activity.


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Terrón Amigón, E., & González Gaudiano, Édgar. (2009). Representación y medio ambiente en la educación básica en México . Pesquisa Em Educação Ambiental, 4(1), 11-35.