Nursing diagnoses for institutionalized elderly people based on Henderson’s theory




Aged, Nursing Diagnosis, Homes for the Aged, Nursing Theory, Geriatric Nursing


Objective: To develop nursing diagnostic statements for institutionalized elderly people. Method: Descriptive study conducted with elderly subjects of a Long Stay Institution through the application of forms for the support of anamnesis and physical examination and a search of medical records. The diagnostic statements were developed based on the International Classification for Nursing Practice and categorized according to the Henderson’s theoretical model. Results: Participation of 203 elderly people. A total of 153 nursing diagnoses were developed and distributed as follows: 115 (75.1%) in the Biological/Physiological Component, 14 (9.1%) in the Psychological Component, 21 (13.7%) in the Social Component, and three (1.9%) in the Spiritual/Moral Component. Conclusion: The diagnostic statements portray situations of vulnerability to the health of institutionalized elderly that are influenced by biological, psychological, social and cultural factors and require a systematized, individualized and resolutive care for this public.


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Fernandes, B. K. C., Clares, J. W. B., Borges, C. L., Nóbrega, M. M. L. da, & Freitas, M. C. de. (2019). Nursing diagnoses for institutionalized elderly people based on Henderson’s theory. Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da USP, 53, e03472.



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