The hidden experience of nursing professionals sued for error




Nursing, Patient Harm, Patient Safety, Legislation, Nursing, Stress, Psychological, Occupational Health


Objective: To understand the experience of judicialization due to error from the viewpoint of nursing professionals. Method: Qualitative study with two nursing professionals sued for error in a state in southern Brazil. The data were collected between January and June 2018 through an online survey and analyzed with the Oral History technique. Results: The reports discussed the experience of error and its influence on professional practice. The perception of being unable to intervene in errors and the lack of support from institutions and professional associations were mentioned as causes of emotional suffering, a feeling of injustice, and revolt. Nonetheless, both participants mentioned receiving support from the local health sector union and hoping to carry on with their profession. Conclusion: Emotional suffering caused by judicialization is amplified by a feeling of helplessness regarding error prevention and lack of institutional support.


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Souza, V. S. de, Matsuda, L. M., Freitas, G. F. de, Marcon, S. S., & Costa, M. A. R. (2021). The hidden experience of nursing professionals sued for error. Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da USP, 55, e03668.



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