Women's satisfaction with childbirth and postpartum care and associated variables





Delivery, Obstetric, Postpartum Períod, Patient Satisfaction, Obstetric Nursing


Objective: To determine the level of satisfaction with childbirth and the postpartum period. Method: This is a longitudinal, observational study. Clinical variables of the patients and delivery were collected, and a descriptive and inferential analysis was performed. The validated state-trait anxiety inventory (STAI) and the satisfaction survey Care in Obstetrics Measure For Testing Satisfaction Scale (COMFORTS) in Spanish were used. Results: A total of 381 women was included in the study and grouped into satisfied vs. dissatisfied (94.54% vs. 5.46%). Women having given birth by eutocic delivery (p = 0.005), as well as those who had skin-to-skin time with their newborn (p = 0.012) after delivery, report more satisfaction. Mothers who were separated from their babies reported being less satisfied (p = 0.004), as did those who did not meet the expectations raised in the birth plan (p = 0.013). All the women with minimal anxiety are satisfied (p = 0.004), the same happening for those showing postpartum anxiety (p <0.001). Conclusion: The percentage of satisfied women is high; it is necessary to monitor childbirth and postpartum care, promoting good practices in childbirth care, as well as in women's emotional well-being.


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Arrebola, R. N., Mahía, L. P., López, S. B., Castiñeira, N. L., Pillado, T. S., & Díaz, S. P. (2021). Women’s satisfaction with childbirth and postpartum care and associated variables. Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da USP, 55, e03720. https://doi.org/10.1590/S1980-220X2020006603720



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