The Delphi Technique to validate the nursing interventions


  • Ana Cristina Mancussi e Faro Universidade de São Paulo; Escola de Enfermagem; Departamento de Enfermagem Médico-Cirúrgica



Delphi Technique, Research, Nursing


Know-how and science are universal and ave been developed very fast, and nurses have realized their roles in this scientific development. Aiming at analyzing the Delphi though a description of its use in the validity of nursing interventions, to the spinal cord injured in rehabilitation, it was possible to get reliable results by means of a flexible technique and above all of appreciating the opinion and skills of each nurse who deals with the spinal cord injured. This Delphi Technique has given opportunity for specialists to show the interventions recommended to this kind of patients, even so, this context had some needed requirements which identify the make - think in nursing.


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Faro, A. C. M. e. (1997). The Delphi Technique to validate the nursing interventions . Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da USP, 31(2), 259-273.



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