The factors influencing technological entrepreneurship in nanotechnology businesses


  • Entrepreneurship Faculty, University of Tehran
  • Yazd University, Yazd
  • University of Tehran



Entrepreneurship, Nanotechnology businesses, Technological entrepreneurship, Iran


Purpose – Technological entrepreneurship has been a very significant topic in recent decades. It has a crucial role in economic modernization and growth. The need for technological entrepreneurship is because technology-based industries are expanding rapidly and are replacing traditional industries. Therefore, this study aimed at identifying the factors affecting the success of technological entrepreneurship in Iranian nanotechnology businesses. Design/methodology/approach – The research was conducted through mixed method. The participants in the qualitative section included 17 university experts and executive managers in the field of nanotechnology in Iran, and 75 nanotechnology business managers participated in the quantitative section. The interview and questionnaire were used to collect information. In order to measure and fit the models, the confirmatory factor analysis method and PLS3 software were used. Findings – The results indicated that the key factors affecting the success of the technological entrepreneurship process in nanotechnology were classified into five general categories: organizational, environmental, institutional, individual and technology factors. Moreover, it was shown that all these dimensions had a positive and significant effect on technological entrepreneurship. In addition, the organizational dimension has an essential role. Originality/value – Companies’ ability to engage technological entrepreneurship is a vital factor in human resource management and strategic management. However, technological entrepreneurship in Iranian nanotechnology businesses has not been involved integrally in the context of companies.


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Nikraftar, T., Hosseini, E. ., & Mohammadi, E. (2022). The factors influencing technological entrepreneurship in nanotechnology businesses. REGE Revista De Gestão, 29(1), 77-99.