The otherness at work: woman and management


  • Almiralva Ferraz Gomes UESB



Universe of work, Business woman, Management


Productive work is historically associated with men and only recently some investigations have demonstrated interest in gender studies. However, due to the complexity of the subject of gender in the organizations, only a brief review of the literature that orients the thinking on the subject could be presented. Initially a concise retrospective on the universe of the work itself was presented prior to an analysis of women and their current relationships in this universe. The initiative of undertaking a self-owned business was then discussed, not only as an alternative of work activity but as a professional achievement as well. Some information of contemporary researchers that partially characterizes management by women was cited. The discussion concludes that further in depth theoretical work is necessary to foster more mature future research.


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Gomes, A. F. (2005). The otherness at work: woman and management . REGE Revista De Gestão, 12(3), 1-9.



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